April 7, 2012
I Miss Him- It’s Been 26 Years

They say that distance and time could make the relationship stronger. I mean if you both have worked it for a long time not being together and managed to still feel the same way towards each other, then I say that you’re in for some epic love story my friend.

I have always believed in the idea of serendipity. Call me cheesy and totally old-fashioned but there are things that are just meant to be and it has got to be love. Love between two people who are meant to be spend the rest of their lives with and make a legacy with what they have. 

We can never deny the fact that we are all living in this fallen world and everything seems to have been perverted. Even the idea of love itself.

I remember someone told me before that there is no such thing as soul mates. I would even recall how strong his emotions are that time for disagreeing having this matter in the topic of relationships. I say it exists and it’s what’s keeping the balance in this world. Well at least somehow.

You see, when you end up rushing and just going for the person who is right in front of you just because you think he’s the one; that’s when the whole system gets chaotic. I have seen this so many times as I have worked for a law firm before which also handled family law. I was appalled on how divorce cases sell like pancakes these days!

And I really hate to say this but most of the reasons for divorce are women. I would say that 85% of divorce rates are caused by women. Infidelity is the top reason followed by shopping addiction. WOW! 

It’s not easy going through all of those stuff as I have witness how divorce gets ugly. From the settlement to the courtroom, it really is the last thing that you would want to experience in this lifetime. 

The good news is, you don’t need to go through that when what you have is real and love. You have got to wait because it’s going to spare you from all those unnecessary mess. I know that love and relationship requires a lot of work and pain could be inevitable. But if that pain will cost destruction and hate, then there’s no way to waste time hurrying up for love. It has to be natural. Let love do its job. It’s going to happen and it will arrive no matter what. Keep the faith.

So to the one I’m meant to spend my life with, don’t worry because I’ll be waiting for you. It doesn’t matter how long it takes as long as we’ll be together when the right time comes. I miss you but it’s all going to be better one day, someday.

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