April 5, 2012
Do You Still Believe in Love?

Ever since the beginning of time, I know that the human race have always been hmmm I can’t think of any appropriate term for it so I guess I’d just really have to say it- horny. Because of this chemical emotion happening in the system, the human race’s reasons get clouded and give in for that particular urge and eventually engage to the activity called coitus. In ancient times, I personally don’t think it was focussed much on love and that whole feelings of getting it right with the other person. It was all about procreation.

I would even think that there was some of sort of competition for women back then on who would bear a child first and who would give birth to more than one and it’s even going to be special if they happen to be boys. But then the formality and the idea of marriage came. I think that it’s been a difficult transition to just procreate and sleep around to having this whole marriage system.

My theory was that even before, humans have always had this sense of ownership that eventually God needed to settle it with having marriage on the book because He has seen the heart of men. Even before, there is already this feeling of being hurt and betrayed if you see your partner sleeping with another person.

I can’t blame those who have given up on the idea of monogamy because of relationships that didn’t work because of the human flesh still wanting more. That’s something I have no answer for and I don’t really think I’d want to know the answer as well. 

There are thousands of love stories in account and even more thousands that are not documented enough for us to say that to fall in love is still the real deal. In a city full of people just wanting that one thing called pleasure through sex, I dared to be one of those seeking for something more than that. 

I want to experience sex in the most passionate way and there’s only one reason that I could possibly have that and that’s through love. I know everybody has their sexual fantasies now consider this mine. Sex will get old no matter how you don’t want it to get old. But love will last forever.

I will never give up on love and I would always hope to find it. It’s out there and all I need to do for now is… nothing.

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