April 5, 2012
Abstinence and the City 2.0

This is finally happening. I’m writing about my life and how on earth am I standing the fact that I haven’t experienced being in a relationship with a guy. I’m 26 years old and I have never had a real boyfriend. Emphasize on the real because I don’t think guys you meet on the internet (and remained on the internet are to be considered). 

This may sound really horrible, pathetic and sad for most of you especially if you are in a very happy relationship. I have kind of becoming sick and tired when people ask me why am I still single and why don’t I date? And of course the question why I haven’t experience sex is their next favorite inquiry. 

I have been labeled a prude, an extreme idealist and a brainwashed wreck by religion when the truth is, I’m neither any of these names. I know, you also think that “in denial” should be my last name. 

The truth is, I’m really just one of those who are patiently waiting. Yes, there are people like me who still exist you’ve just got to find really find them. 

Now I don’t want to be a hypocrite and say that in this age, sex has never occurred to me. I will really freak out and think that there’s something wrong with me if that’s the case. I think about it of course but I have always believed in love and that one day, I know that I’ll be sharing it with someone that I would really fall in love with.

I have decided to not sleep around and give pieces of myself to people who I have no passion for. I remember one of my guy friends even telling me that it’s quite far fetched what I’m asking for. 

This year, I attempted to try dating. Well almost dating. I’ve been friends with this guy for more than a decade and he’s been asking me for coffee since last year. I thought it was all innocent and just the usual hangout. To cut the crappy story short, I ended up making out with him in his apartment until it hit me that he’s got a girlfriend. 

So yeah, he cheated on his girlfriend with me for one night. Actually I tried to still keep the friendship like no kiss ever happened but we never talked since then. Now you can never tell me I didn’t try to actually go out there and experience life.

I felt horrible and used for some reason. But I have decided to not dwell on it and just move on. 

I have decided to be anonymous for this blog as I write my journey to experiencing true Love to be shared with another person for the rest of my life here on earth. If you’re wondering why, it’s probably because I look hideous and I prefer not to be judged and ridiculed by the people who will read this. I’m kidding.

So if you’re single and you’re also looking for that one person who’s going sweep you off your feet, then why not join me and maybe I could even give you pointers. I even find it so weird why all of my friends who are in a relationship actually go to me and ask for advice! And fortunately, those advice works! It’s just so ironic that why for all people they’d come to me??!

So yes, I guess I might be able to give you some tips on your relationship problems but I don’t give any guarantee because (clearing throat), I’m single and fabulous. :-)

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